Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Holidays, New products & Discounts

Top Sellers
5 LED Baseball Cap Clip-on Flashlight
5 LED Baseball Cap/Hat Clip-on Flashlight
Clips onto a brim of any hat. Super convenient!
Just $4.95 each!
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Meteor Storm Spinner Wand
Meteor Storm Flashing LED Changing Pattern Spinner Wand
Cool random effects entertain all ages!
Only $4.95 each!
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Lightsaber LED Flashing Sword
Lightsaber Multicolor Flashing LED Sword
Kids love these! Also great for dances and raves!
Great at $6.95 each
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Litecubes® Multi-Color Freezable Ice Cube
Litecubes® Flashing LED Multi-Color Freezable Ice Cube
Freeze these to keep your drink cool at hot at the same time!
Great for $3.95 each
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Happy Holidays
From Flashing Panda!

We, at Flashing Panda, want to wish all our customers happy holidays and a happy new year, and thank you all for supporting us and allowing us to grow and continue to bring cool new products and low prices to you.

Holiday Coupon

We would like to offer you a 20% off coupon to celebrate the holidays, good on any retail purchases, no limits or restrictions!* Simply add items desired to your shopping cart, then enter the discount code -- for subscribers only -- in your shopping cart. But hurry, offer is only good until Saturday, January 95th!

* For retail purchases only (excludes wholesale / bulk lots).

Wholesale Lots

We have added lots more items to our Wholesale Lots section! If you are looking to purchase items in bulk, whether for a party, corporate promotion, or for resale, you'll want to check this section out. Lots as small as one or two dozen units to a full case.

Eight New Products Added!
Glowbys Fiber-Optic Hair Barrette
Glowbys LED Fiberoptic Light-Up Hair Barrette
Super cool! Available in various colors.
Unbelievable price!
      $4.95 each!
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Aurora Color-Changing Mood Ring
Aurora Color-Changing LED Light-UP Mood Ring
A must have! Everyone loves these!.
$2.45 each!
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Flashing Pet
Safety Pendant
Dog Bone 6-LED Flashing Pet Safety Pendant Light for pet collar
Very Bright!
Blue, Red or White
$3.95 each!
More information...
Flashing Hawaiian Lei Necklace
LED Color Flashing Hawaiian Lei Necklace / String
Expandable! Create string of any length!
$3.45 each!
More information...
Flashing LED
Clip Earring
Flashing LED Clip Earring Blinkie, Blue & Red lights
Very Bright.
Be the star!
$2.45 each!
More information...
48 LED Camping / Umbrella Lantern
48 LED AA Camping / Umbrella UFO Light / Lantern
Super cool! Available in various colors.
Unbelievable price!
      $9.95 each!
More information...
LED Color Flashing Tube Necklace
LED Color Flashing Tube Necklace, clear, multicolor
Expandable! Connect multiple together!
$3.45 each!
More information...
White Feather LED Raving Bracelet
White Feather LED Flashing Multicolor Raving Bracelet
Real white feathers! Stretches to any size.
$2.95 each!
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Monday, November 30, 2009

Second update on the eBay situation

Missed the first post on the eBay situation? Read it here to catch up.

A personal message from
Flashing Panda Founder
"Special eBay Update"

Dear past customers of Flashing Panda on eBay,

It has been four months since the original 30 day suspension of our eBay account, and since our last email to you. If you missed our prior newsletter on this matter, please follow the Newsletter Archive link above and catch up.

During these months we have been working hard to come up with a way for us to continue to offer great deals to our customers on eBay. Over the past couple of months we had reached out to eBay with the above goal. Their response was to close down our eBay account, which we had worked hard to build for half a decade, indefinitely. eBay strategically chooses to pervert facts and employ predatory and unethical tactics against any of their selling partners whenever any disagreement or issue arises, and categorically refuses any attempts to "work things out", (just Google the term "eBay account suspension".)

At this point it does not look like we will be able to return to offering great deals via eBay in the near future. On the good note, something very positive did come out of this fiasco for our company. We had set up a presence on Amazon, and only three months later, our monthly net profits were already exceeding those that we were seeing from half a decade of eBay sales!

We Need Your Help!

How can you help? We have been in direct contact with the personal assistant of eBay's CEO John Donahoe, Robin Pitman, and with Terry from the Office of the President. If you are as disgusted with eBay's behavior as we are, please give Robin a phone call at 408-376-5991, and send Terry from the Office of the President an email at , and let them know how you feel about their handling of Flashing Panda, and of other sellers.

If you had done either, (or if you think that we are full of it,) please do let us know. Simply reply to this email and tell us about it. We would love to hear from you, and are eager to answer any questions or address any concerns.

Thank You for Your Support

We would like to again thank you for your patience and loyalty. Last time we offered you a 25% discount coupon to use at our store. This time, in light of the holidays, and the final nails in the eBay coffin, we would like to offer you an unprecedented 40% off coupon! It is good for your purchases, (tax and shipping not included,) on any retail purchases, (bulk and wholesale lots not included.)

Simply go to, add items to your shopping cart, then enter the discount code ...(for subscribers only)... to get a 40% discount* off your entire retail order as our appreciation of your support. This is double the biggest discount that we have ever offered, (the prior eBay discount of 25% excluded.) But hurry, offer is good for one week only and ends on the 8th of December.

* Applies to retail purchases only. Not good for Wholesale Lots / bulk purchases. Does not cover tax or shipping.

In Summary

  1. You CAN help! See above and contact eBay with your dissatisfaction.
  2. No, we are no longer registered on eBay.
  3. At this time, things do not look good as far as eBay is concerned.
  4. You can still purchase from us, you just need to do it directly from our store, or via Amazon, (instead of through eBay.)
  5. We would like to strongly encourage you to support all eBay sellers, (and not support this unethical company, eBay,) by contacting the seller to see if you can purchase directly from them.

We sincerely appreciate your loyalty and support and are committed to continuing to serve you for years to come. Please do not hesitate to respond with your thoughts, concerns or questions. All emails will be responded to.



Daniel Odulo

Founder, Flashing Panda

Thursday, July 30, 2009

eBay update for our customers plus 25% off coupon

Special eBay Announcement

Dear eBay customers of Flashing Panda,

Many of you have been wondering what happened to us on eBay, and how come we no longer have auction listings for any of our products. This announcement will explain what has been happening, will give you an idea of what may come, and may be an eye opener for you in regards to eBay and their ethics and business practices.

Our Apologies

First off, we would like to begin by expressing our sincerest apologies for all the troubles that our former trading partner, eBay Inc, has been causing over the past few months, and for any inconvenience and losses that you may have suffered as a result of the numerous canceled listings, (with live bids,) and the loss of ability to bid on additional items.

What is Happening?

eBay's staff have been harassing our company for months with their unethical and predatory practices, and hundreds of our active auctions have been terminated by eBay, causing many of you to lose your bids. On June 28th, they took it to the extreme and completely removed our entire eBay seller account, and Flashing Pandas eBay store, for a period of thirty days, for, (you'll never believe it,) having a paragraph containing the words flashing panda dot com, which eBay considers a serious violation of their "no links" policy, (even though there are no actual links,) along with previously having a statement that "this flashing cup may be ideal for the Burning Man festival", (where Burning Man is a link,) in some of our listings, (which eBay states may be damaging to their company and their community,) and so forth. They have been harassing our company with such "complaints" for many weeks now, ending hundreds of live listings, despite our desperate attempts to keep up with and comply with their demands. Every time they would "locate" a new "violation" in the listings which have been live on eBay, with no complaints from eBay, for many years, intentionally doing this one at a time, to build an opportunity for causing the most damage to their community and to us.

As an eBay power seller, as someone paying significant fees to eBay, as a supposed "valued customer", as someone who is supposed to have priority support with eBay, including phone support, we would expect eBay to contact us as any issues may arise, and attempt to reach a resolution in a non-hostile and damaging manner. Instead, eBay continuously chooses to employ predatory tactics, and refuses all attempts to work with them to come to an amicable resolution, despite our continually going out of our way in attempts to comply with their never ending predatory demands. Before, we considered eBay our trading partner. Now we know better.

All I want to say is that, they don't really care about us!

What Now?

Prior to this fiasco, our eBay sales volume was on track to quadruple in 2009. The liability that being on eBay creates for our company is simply not something we can ignore. We have to put the strength, integrity and safety of our business ahead of the extra exposure or sales volume that the eBay platform offers.

Doing some very limited research, we came to a scary realization that our case is not unique. eBay has destroyed many businesses from small to large, with no regard or second thought. eBay maintains that their user agreement, (that everyone has to agree to with without any say,) allows then to terminate any listing or auction for any reason, or no reason what so ever, and to suspend any account for any reason or no reason what so ever.

As this eBay account suspension occurred, we immediately started to look at how we can further widen our sales channels. We made a few changes. One big one was that we got onto Amazon in a big hurry, (less then two weeks!) Reading up on what other victims of eBay have been doing, going to Amazon seems to be the general rule.

We were lucky not to get ruined by this evil. Hundreds, if not thousands, of others were not so lucky, as their entire business depended on the eBay platform.

While we realize that eBay is a monopoly, and the only platform of it's kind, and can offer great value to our business, we must first concern ourselves with mitigating the liability. We will probably begin limited sales on eBay in the near future, but it will certainly not be what it has been, nor on it's way of becoming.

All I want to say is that, they don't really care about us!

How You Can Help

At this time, we would like to encourage all of our customers, especially during these times made difficult by eBay, to shop at our online store,, to support us through this period. Use the discount code ... (for newsletter subscribers only) ... after you add items to your cart and get a 25% discount* off your entire retail order as our appreciation of your support. This is the biggest discount that we have ever offered. But hurry, offer ends on the 15th of August.

* Applies to retail purchases only. Not good for Wholesale Lots / bulk purchases.

In Summary

  1. Yes, we are still registered on eBay.
  2. At this time, we are not offering any products for sale on eBay.
  3. You can still purchase from us, you just need to do it directly from our store, instead of through eBay.
  4. We would like to strongly encourage you to support all sellers, and not support this criminal entity, eBay, by contacting the seller to see if you can purchase directly from them.

We sincerely appreciate your loyalty and support and are committed to continuing to serve you for years to come. Please do not hesitate to respond with your thoughts, concerns or questions.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy 4th of July, New email, new products, Facebook, and more

Hot New Products
LED Flashing Drink Stirrer Stick
LED Flashing Drink Stirrer Stick - 12 assorted styles
12 assorted styles. A great bar favor!
On Sale Now:
      $2.95 each!
More information...
Braded LED Flashing Multicolor Bracelet
Braded LED Flashing Multicolor Bracelet
Made from the same braid as our hair braids.
Low Price. Only
      $2.45 each!
More information...
Puffer Yo-Yo
Creature Puffer Yo-Yo
Octopus Puffer Yo-Yo
Two styles, Creature & Octopus, in a variety of colors.
On Sale Now:
      $2.95 each
More information...
Flashing LED Tentacle Noodle Hat
Flashing LED Tentacle Noodle Hat
Hottest item on the market! Get yours.
Crazy Low Price:
      $7.95 each
More information...
EL Wire Light-Up Sunglasses
EL Wire Light-Up Sunglasses
Really cool! Available in various colors.
Unbelievable price!
      $5.99 each!
More information...
Lightsaber Multicolor Flashing LED Sword
Lightsaber Multicolor Flashing LED Sword
A must have!
3 flashing modes.
      $6.95 each!
More information...

Happy 4th of July!
25% off Coupon!

Well, it has again been three months since our last newsletter, (that's second time in a row, if you're counting,) and yeah, we know, we've been bad. We keep promising to improve our communications with you, our valued customers, but the universe just keeps getting in the way. We are going to continue to work on improving our customer relationships and will work on more timely communications to you.

For this 4th of July we would like to offer you this unprecedented 25% off coupon, good on any retail purchases* of $25 or more. Simply enter coupon code FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY in your shopping cart prior to checking out to get your instant discount. But hurry, this coupon expires on July 10th!

* Excludes wholesale lots and custom imprint services.

New Email Address

We are changing our customer service email address. The old address, Sales2004 at Odulo dot com, will be phased out over the next few months. This is the last newsletter coming from the old address. To ensure that you continue to receive our emails in your inbox, please update your address book with our new email address, ... removed to protect from harvesters ..., and please start using this new address going forward to contact us. And if you wish to give us a call, our number is 877-Fl-Panda.

We are on Facebook!

Flashing Panda now has a Facebook page! Be a part of the community. Get instant updates and special offers. Click below to access the page, then click the Become Fan link to join the community.

Flashing Panda's Facebook Page

Wholesale Lots

We have dramatically expanded multiple categories in our Wholesale Lots section. Check out Wholesale Barware section - 18 items, and Wholesale Party Favors & Toys section - 17 items. That's more then double offerings since our last newsletter! Be sure to go to the second page of each category to see all listings.

Custom Imprinting Update

We are now successfully imprinting our dual action switch Teardrop Keychain Flashlight, Slide-Switch Keychain Flashlight, Special Operations Clip Flashlight, Patrol Wand, end others.

First time setup / art work creation charge from ready digital artwork or basic text is $30. Setup fee for reprints from prior artwork is only $10.

Purchase product at our sliding scale wholesale prices. Imprint fee starts at $.50 per unit for quantities as low as 48 units, and goes down to $.25 per unit, depending on quantity.

Visit the Custom Imprinting section of our store for more details and to order your custom imprinting services.

What Would YOU like to see next?

We would like to hear from you, our valued customer, on what you would like to see here at Flashing Panda. It could be a request for a new specific product, a new line, a sale or discount that you'd like to see, site change suggestions, or anything else that may have been on your mind. We would also like to hear about your experiences with us: the good or the bad - we can always improve or do more of the good, and work on preventing the bad from reoccurring. Please do not hesitate to simply reply to this email with your suggestions or feedback.

Flashlight Humor

We need your help. We started a tradition of including some light-related humor in each of our newsletter, (see the archive for past entries,) but we are running out. So, we would like your help in locating cool relevant humor. It can be a simply joke, or a comic, or even a video clip, as was included in our last newsletter. It must me in some way related to lights, flashlights, light bulbs, etc.

Got any ideas? Simply email them to us. If we use your submission we will thank you with a $50 gift certificate, so, be sure to include your customer number.