Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hot New Products at Flashing Panda

Top Sellers
Light-Up Handheld Personal Fan
Light-Up Handheld Personal Fan
Kids love these! Also great for concerts!
Just $2.45 each
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Meteor Storm Spinner Wand
Meteor Storm Flashing LED Changing Pattern Spinner Wand
Cool random effects entertain all ages!
Only $4.95 each!
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Glowbys Hair Barrettes
Glowbys Fiber-Optic Hair Barrettes
Available in 12 colors!
Just $4.95 each
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Flashing Teeth
Flashing Teeth - 12 unit pack
A great deal!
Litecubes® Multi-Color Freezable Ice Cube
Litecubes® Flashing LED Multi-Color Freezable Ice Cube
Freeze these to keep your drink cool at hot at the same time!

New Items Added

This month we have added five new products to the retail catalog, (see below,) and lots of offerings to the wholesale section. We've added two new feather headpieces, a pair of black bunny ears, just like our pink bunny ears, and a feather halo; two new puffer toys; and a new bracelet.

New Items
Coming Soon

We have over a dozen new items pending addition to our catalog, including: 3 new light bulbs; a shot glass; 5 amazing headwear pieces, including 3 amazing hats; a prismatic wand, producing the most breathtaking light effects; a light-up bubble gun; and more! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and be the first to know when these get listed.

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A month ago we started to tweet! See the side-bar on the right for the latest tweets and be sure to click the link at bottom of the box to follow @FlashingPanda and be the first to hear any news, as well as communicate with us instantly. Become a fan of Flashing Panda on Facebook and post your cool photos, share your experiences, and be the first to know about new items and news.

Wholesale Lots

We have been adding more items to our Wholesale Lots section, with many more to coming. If you are looking to purchase items in bulk, whether for a party, corporate promotion, or for resale, you'll want to check this section out. Lots as small as one or two dozen units to a full case.

New Products

Six New Products Added!
(19 more pending!)
Black Feather
Bunny Ears
Black Feather Bunny Ears
Super cool! (Also available in Pink!)
An amazing find at
      $2.95 each!
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Flashing LED
Puffer Crab
Flashing LED Puffer Crab
Super stretchy!
Whack to turn on.
Great buy at
$2.45 each!
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Flashing LED
Puffer Yo-Yo
Flashing LED Puffer Yo-Yo
Soft & squeezy.
Variety of colors.
$2.45 each!
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Red White & Blue Lei Flower Bracelet
Red White and Blue Lei Flower Bracelet
Two flashing modes
Feather also available!
$2.45 each!
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White Feather
Halo Headpiece
White Feather Halo Headpiece
Be the star with this cool angel halo.
Great price!
      $2.95 each!
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Missing One
Will try harder in July :)