Monday, March 26, 2007

Press Release: Odulo e-Store is Looking for a New Name!

Odulo e-Store is Looking for a New Name!

As you already know, our store primarily specializes in LED Consumer Electronics - stuff that lights up.

And the product line can be separated into two departments:

Flashlights - Keychain, handheld, clip, bicycle headlights, headlamps, etc.

Party Favors & Toys - Flashing barware, toys, pins, etc.

What we have:

Current name: Odulo e-Store

Current URL:

What we'd like:

  • A new name which will flow well and be concise and not limit the scalability of the business.
  • Bonus: Be representative of the main product lines.
  • Stay away from simple English words, as they tend to either make the name cheesy, silly, or limit the scalability of the company.
  • Use roots like Lumin, which is vague enough not to limit the company, but you'd know exactly 'why' once you see what's carried.

A bit of history:

This store was not conceived as a business. It started out, around four or five years ago, as a development and testing environment, and then also became a demo store, for our ecommerce solution. It was a fake store, carrying a few fake products. Over time, as the store was being demoed to a few business acquaintances, a few interesting products got listed as demo, then taken life. Then a few more products got added. And the rest is history. Now the store features a few hundred SKUs, and growing, with sales to around a dozen countries all over the world, including sales to the US military.

What's in it for you:

Suggest a cool name and we will give you 20% off on your next retail order, (does not apply to wholesale purchases.) And if the name you suggest gets used, (and you were the first to suggest it,) you will get a $100 gift certificate to spend as you like in our store.

Simply reply to this email and tell us what you think. Remember, this store is about you, our customer! Be part of it's future!

Exciting Product Updates

New Product
(creating a buzz)
ChocoLips Gourmet 100% Natural Ghirardeli Chocolate Lip Balm
Gourmet Lip Balm
On Sale Now:
      $3.95 each!
More information...
Back In Stock
By Popular Demand
Meteor Storm LED Spinner Wand
Meteor Storm
LED Spinner Wand
On Sale Now:
      $3.95 each!
More information...
New Line
LED Barware
08 oz LED Light Up Flashing Martini Glass
Many to
chose from!
      $2.75 to $6.95.
More information...
Hot Item
(top seller)
LED Keychain Flashlight - Teardrop Slide/Squeeze Dual Switch

LED Keychain

Teardrop Design
Dual Action Switch
Only $2.95 each!
      4 color choices
More information...

Now, here's a little humor:

Why do folks in Kentucky go to the movie theater in groups of 18 or more?
'Cuz 17 and under not admitted.

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