Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We've Got Our New Name! & Custom Imprinting Coming Soon!

Hot New Products
New Model
Ultraviolet Black Light 385 nM True-UV LED Keychain Flashlight
385 nM True-UV
LED Keychain
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LED Flashing Lanyard
LED Color Flashing Lanyard with Snap Hook
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      $2.95 each!
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4-LED Aluminum
UV Flashlight
Inova Microlight LED Keychain Flashlight
3x AA Batteries
Machined Aluminum
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      $12.95 each!
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Tunnel Necklace
UV Flashlights
Super Cool Pendant!
6 Tunnel Modes!
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      $3.45 each!
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Thank You To All Who Have Participated in Our Name Survey & Had Suggested Names!

We would like to start by thanking all of our customers who have sent us suggestions for our new name, and those who had then participated in the survey. We have received many great, interesting, and unique suggestions from our customers and friends.

We've Got Our New Name!

OK, this has been a very long cycle, (well over a year.) We got distracted many times along the way, but, finally, we have arrived! So, big drum roll...


We will be working on changing the name over in the next couple of months, and then on creating new logos. Please feel free to send us suggestions. The new URL already works - it will currently redirect to the old URL. Once the switch is made, the old URL will then redirect to the new one for some time. We will also be changing the customer service email address, and possibly get a new toll free number, though the old one, 866-My-Odulo, will still work.

Custom Imprinting Coming Soon!

OK, this is yet another cycle which has been in the works for quite some time. A number of you have been asking us if we can imprint our flashlights, barware, and some of the toys, and we have been telling you "soon" now for over a year. Finally it is becoming a reality. Let this be a "pre-announcement", as we are not yet quite ready to do this, but, the equipment is in, and if any of you are super-eager to get something imprinted, and want to be our guinea-pig for the process, give us a holler :-)

Our goal is to have the process ironed out and to start offering the service full blast in the next few months. We will send out another newsletter to announce it, along with some sample pictures to give you an idea of what can be done. But, in a nutshell: single color; can be very fine to fit on the keychains or large to go onto barware; images, text, etc.; very durable inks, won't rub off.

Flashlight Humor

Here is a new product coming soon to our catalog:

On a different note:
Two atoms talking:
One says, "Hey, I think I just lost an electron!"
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah, I'm positive!"

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