Friday, October 10, 2008

Odulo e-Store is now Flashing Panda!

Hot New Products
12V AC/DC Under-cabinet G4 Bulb
12V AC/DC Under-Cabinet G4 Light Bulb, 6 SMT LED (65 Lumen)
6 SMT LED (65 Lumen)
Introductory Price:
      $14.95 each!
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12 V DC Light Bar
4 SMT LED 12V DC Surface Mount Strip Component
4 SMT LED Surface-mount strip component
On Sale Now:
      $12.95 each!
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Patrol Light LED Flashing Wand
Patrol Light LED Flashing Wand (compare to Street Lights)
(compare to Street Lights)
On Sale Now:
      $3.45 each!
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48 LED 110V 2.4 W
P60 Light Bulb
2.4 W 16K MCD P60 48 LED 110V Light Bulb
16K MCD, Cold or Warm White
On Sale Now!
      $14.95 each!
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Odulo e-Store is now Flashing Panda!

Wow! After about two years of planning and working on this project, it is finally done! The name change is complete and the new name is live! We also have a new phone number, 877-Fl-Panda, to match the new name. The customer service email address is still the same, but we should have a new one by the next newsletter.

We also moved to a new location in July, and have been pre-occupied with the, what seems to be never ending, renovations. The new location is rather small, but it is much larger then the old, and is street frontage, which will allow us to have a nice display area, (not that we have any plans of having any sort of retail hours.)

Custom Imprinting Coming REALLY Soon!

No, really :)

This is another project that you have been hearing about for some time. Just like other projects, it has been delayed again and again. Renovations of the new place set us way back, then the Burning Man festival, and the staffing difficulties, (we had to let go the last two persons doing the shipping and are again in search of a shipping clerk.)

Custom imprinting will be available soon, PROMISE! :)

Again, if anyone is anxious and can't wait, please don't hesitate to give us a shout, this just may be what it will take to push this project off of the back burner and into production.

What Would YOU like to see?

We would like to hear from you, our valued customer, on what you would like to see here at Flashing Panda. It could be a request for a new specific product, a new line, a sale or discount that you'd like to see, site change suggestions, or anything else that may have been on your mind. We would also like to hear about your experiences with us: the good or the bad - we can always improve or do more of the good, and work on preventing the bad from reoccurring. Please do not hesitate to simply reply to this email with your suggestions or feedback.

Flashlight Humor

OK, if you haven't seen this, this is hilarious! Enjoy :)
(Not for small children, PG-13.)

Watch the YouTube video.

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