Monday, May 31, 2010

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Top Sellers
Flashing Teeth
12 unit pack
Flashing Teeth - 12 unit pack
A great deal!
Meteor Storm Spinner Wand
Meteor Storm Flashing LED Changing Pattern Spinner Wand
Cool random effects entertain all ages!
Only $4.95 each!
More information...
Light-Up Handheld Personal Fan
Light-Up Handheld Personal Fan
Kids love these! Also great for concerts!
Just $2.45 each
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It's been a while :)

Yes... We are painfully aware that our last newsletter was sent out last December! Our goal is to be adding at least a dozen new items to our catalog every month, and to send out a newsletter monthly.

So far, as you can tell, it's not quite working out that well :( We are understaffed, and had a number of challenges to deal with. We had to replace our shipping person a couple of months back, and we now have a new photographer, (you should see a clear difference in the images for the new items added this month - see below.)

We are still in dire need of filling a couple more hats, and are trying, (again,) to start going out to live events - see our Facebook fan page or follow our tweets for details and event notifications.

Flashing Panda
is finally tweeting!

OK, this has been way overdue, but, we are finally tweeting! See the side-bar on the right for the latest tweets and be sure to click the link at bottom of the box to follow @FlashingPanda and be the first to hear any news, as well as communicate with us instantly.

Wholesale Lots

We have been adding more items to our Wholesale Lots section, and many more to come in a couple of weeks. If you are looking to purchase items in bulk, whether for a party, corporate promotion, or for resale, you'll want to check this section out. Lots as small as one or two dozen units to a full case.

New Products

Six New Products Added!
(19 more pending!)
Rainbow LED
Fiber-Optic Flower
Rainbow LED Fiber-Optic Flower
Super cool! Available in various colors.
An amazing find at
      $2.95 each!
More information...
Sword with Prismatic Sphere
Multicolor Flashing LED Sword with Prismatic Sphere Handle
Sphere produces unbelievable effects!
Great buy at
$6.95 each!
More information...
Rally Foam LED Light-Up Sticks
Rally Foam LED Light-Up Sticks, three assorted colors
Soft & Cool!
Blue, Red or Green
$1.95 each!
More information...
Double-sided Lightsaber Sword
Double-sided Multicolor Flashing Lightsaber Sword
Two swords in one
Can use separately!
$7.95 each!
More information...
Translucent Sword w/ Flashing Handle
White Translucent Rainbow LED Sword with flashing handle
Lights up all the way through, even handle!
Great price!
      $4.95 each!
More information...
Flashing LED Tambourine
Flashing LED Tambourine, Clear, Multicolor lights
An amazing flashing musical instrument!
$4.95 each!
More information...

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